Wearable for Enterprise – A new opportunity unfolding for Application development business

Kavitha Gopalan

Wearables are new revolution in Tech industry and its a fast growing business. Most of technology giants are investing in wearable  including Apple, Google, Samsung, Intel, Sony and others.  Smart watches, badges, Bracelets , fitness straps Pendants, glass, Shoes and dress are some which has already created enormous interest.

Though initially Wearables were used for fitness tracking and social activities it is finding its way into the  enterprise world .  IT leadership and other company decision-makers consider wearable tech as critical to future success  of their business.   One of the biggest advantage is the constant flow of data when using wearable which companies can use to reach employees and Customers.

Salesforce had conducted a survey on Wearable for  Enterprise ” Putting Wearable to work” and the results show where the IT industry is moving with Wearable devices.

Key take away include

  • Wearable in enterprise are strategic to Business Success
  • This industry is going to grow significantly in the next few years
  • Interest to adopt Smart watches more than other wearables
  • Wearable generated data will be enterprise game changer
  • An expanding app ecosystem will fuel the enterprise wearable tech adoption

Many Industries are already using Wearable for their business operations. Top reason why Enterprise use wearables are for workplace include security access  , Employee time management, emails and staff communications on real time, work place productivity.

The other interesting use case model is using Wearables for customer centric operations. Examples could include real time access to customer data , providing field service guide also to deliver online coaching/ Training to employees , Augmented reality to guided workers efficiency and access to business analytics and alerts.

It can also be used for providing connected customer interaction like point of sale, immersive experience, rewards/loyalty points, targeted advertising , integrated shopping experience

Given the interest in Wearable in tech industry it looks like from BYOD we could be moving towards BYOW (Bring your wearable to Work) pretty soon.

The wearable for enterprise still at its nascent stage of development. One of the branching business opportunity from this would be the application development. High quality and robust apps for email messaging, efficiency and productivity tracking, training etc are needed. A strong app development eco system will propel the wearable for enterprise for wider adoption among companies.

Lower costs , devices that can better multitask and provide data security are the top motivators for adopting wearables in the enterprise.

This data is based on a survey “Putting wearable to work “See the complete data.

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