SXFXN – Have You Heard Of “Fifty Shades of Grey” ??

SxFxN is the best app to record and explore the users sexual passion as explored in the movie “50 Shades of Grey”. This app will help to track & explore the details of all types of sexual passion of the user from choice of partners to type, place, date, day. This app has been designed based on the research paper published on the parameters influencing sexual passion in humans. Hence the app is designed to be neutral to user’s gender and neutral to partner’s gender as well.

App will provide an easy interface for user to enter the details of user’s sexual activities under 3 categories like sex, masturbation, and others. Under each category, the user can store the details of sexual act like with whom, where, type of actions/position, domination and your feeling providing rating for each category.

Based on you’re the user entries app will generate reports that helps the user in identifying user’s sexual passion on the aspects like
· What makes you more satisfied.
· With whom you express most passion during sex.
· What, Where and Who makes you happier by comparing the statistics.
· What are all your best things during sex, like place, type of action etc.,
· Best partner details and when the user peaks.

sxfxn screen

Security Features:
· The app is password protected for securing the user’s privacy and all the data entered in the application by the user is stored only on the user’s device.
· The user feeds in all the information for application to generate charts and dashboard of user’s sexual exploration.
· The user can choose the information in the app that can be shared with his potential/past/future partners via social media and email.
· The app does not carry any images or video on how, where and when to perform a sexual action. This application does not contain any explicit porn content.
· All content are fed in to the application by the user and hence will remain as a copyright of the user only.

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