Scale of Internet 2015


Chandramouli Srinivasan

Trust on internet and the business generated out of the internet is shifting to a different scale. KPCB research reveals a few key messages on the internet usage and a shift in business patterns emerging in different geographies like USA, China & India.

* Global Internet user growth is solid but slowing. Global Smartphone subscription growth is solid but slowing.

* Global internet usage growth is strong due to growth of Mobile & Video.

* Total internet ad revenue is 50B in which mobile ad contributes 13B.

* Ad Formats are getting optimized for Mobile – Vertical screen.

* Mobile instant messaging has evolved into a top platform across the globe.

* In developing countries smartphones account for only 26% of total phone market.

* USA market’s top consumer spending categories 1)Housing 2)Transportation 3)Food. Hence technology innovation is higher in this space in USA like airbnb, Uber, Instacart etc.

* Consumer Drone Usage – USA – 35%; Europe – 30%; China – 15%.

* Cyber Attacks are growing bigger and faster – Top Causes a) Insider misuse; b) Mobile devices used to harvest data.

* Big Internet market – China is #1 in internet user mass; India is #1 in new user additions.

* China is evolving into major hub of IOT market penetration.scale of internet

* 65% of internet traffic in India are from mobile phones.

* 45% of e-commerce traffic in India are from mobile phones.

 Image Courtesy by pixabay

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