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internet_of_things and open source

Internet Of Things and Open Source

Srinidhi Murthy Internet of Things is technological break through that affects our lives in ways unimaginable before. It has a wide spectrum of application ranging from the Micro to the Macro, from our daily essentials to nuclear reactors and much more. Getting an IoT product out in the market is an extremely task. There are


IoT Adoption – Ambitious growth with Formidable Technical Challenge – How PAASMER fits in?

A recent Gartner survey provided key insights and recommendations on IoT adoption. We recently did an exercise to map these key findings and recommendations to our IoT Platform of A Service – PAASMER.  We have highlighted the points significantly addressed by PAASMER in block letters below. PAASMER – Being a Gateway/Cloud centric architecture addresses the

Key Drivers of Business Intelligence & Analytics market

Chandramouli Srinivasan The overall BI and analytics market segment continues to expand and is expected to sustain its 2014 growth rate of 5.8% (adjusted for constant currency) through 2019 — as reflected in Gartner’s current estimate of the compound annual growth rate for the sector. However, this lower rate of growth reflects a market in