Paasmer Edge Software 3.0 and its new features

Mobodexter has released the version 3.0 of the Paasmer Edge Software that offers a new Edge feature “Edge Rules Engine” with the enhanced versions of Edge Analytics and Machine learning along with the basic version of Paasmer Edge Artificial Intelligence.


Paasmer Edge Analytics Enhanced


The enhanced version of Edge Analytics offers customers, an easy to use UI based configurations to select the input feeds to do selected analytics. Customers can now execute control functions based on the analytics function.


Paasmer Machine Learning Enhanced


The enhanced version of Machine Learning (ML) offers additional algorithms to train Machine learning models that will help to cover more use cases to build ML application and it also offers an easy to use UI based configuration to select input feeds for a selected Machine learning model built using Paasmer ML framework and handle the predicted outputs from ML. Customers can now execute control functions based on the ML output data


Paasmer Edge Rules Engine


The new Edge rules engine feature can empower customers to automate control functions on the Edge based on the precondition performed on various types data that includes sensor data, EA output data and ML output data.


With the enhanced version of the Edge Analytics and the Machine Learning, rules can be created with the data from analytic functions executed on Edge, the data from machine learning and various combinations for the sensor, analytics, and machine learning data to run automated control functions on the Edge.


The easy to use drag and drop based UI helps customers to create rules for each device with selected feeds, supported services, and set condition. Once all the rules are created, the deploy interface on UI helps to deploy the rules on the Device. The rules will be executed after the successful deployment


Paasmer Edge Artificial Intelligence


Paasmer Edge has the capability to run Artifical intelligence at Edge. The basic version of this feature released as part of Paasmser 3.0 demonstrates the Paasmer’s capability to build AI based Edge solutions using OpenCV. This feature that includes object deduction use case is available for free download from Paasmer development portal.


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