Make your Home as Smart and secure Home with this Smart Home gadgets


Kavitha Gopalan


Its a one Brand for SmartHome IoT products for customers in all over USA and India. MoboMy emerges as a brand to get SmartHome products in every household. MoboMy stands on Delivering the secure smart home.

One can build a smarthome solution with a combination of our products. Install the door bell at the entrance door then install our LED bulbs – MyBulb in all bulb holders at home then connect all home appliances to MySocket. You can now start controlling everything from a Smartphone from Entry to Power in your house.
We will shortly launch Secure Smart Home Gateway. This will give you ability to secure all end points & provide AI based automated control of all end points connected to the gateway.

MoboMy – MyBulb


* MoboMy MyBulb is a smart, energy efficient LED light bulb with built-in WiFI that allows the bulb to be controlled from anywhere through the smartphone and other mobile devices.
* The MyBulb LED Smart Bulb can bring life to your home with a wide variety of color palette of over 16 million colors
* MyBulb has several pre-programmed modes that allow picking the right color for the perfect moment.
* MyBulb can change color based on rhythm from music or recreate a color from a scene in a photo
* My Bulb also has a timer function that allows to schedule On/Off of the bulb to save power. MyBulb can also be controlled through voice
* The Installation of Mybulb is simple and easy. The app for Mybulb is free and is available in Android and iPhone versions. The App gives the control of the bulb to your hand, you can change color, brightness, modes
* Compatible with iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Mini (Note For iPads please disable iPad only search filter in App Store).

Price Range:

IN: Rs. 1,399.00 – Rs. 4,499.00

US: $24.99 – $84.99

MoboMy – My Door Bell

My Door Bell

* With MoboMy MyDoorBell we provide new approach to home security. You can watch who is at your entrance and answer your doorbell from anywhere through your Mobile Phone
* MyDoorBell has built in WiFi that allows you to manage your door from your Mobile phone
* MyDoorBell allows you to unlock the door from your mobile phone
* MyDoorBell allows you to remotely do the video talking
* The High Definition Camera in the bell gives you a clear view of who is at the entrance
* The built in motion detector which can send alerts once it detects motion keeping your home safe
* Easy Installation with plug and Play support
* Free Mobile app with support for both Android and iOS Phones

Price Range:

IN: Rs. 11,999.99 – Rs. 12,999.99

US: $185.99 – $200.99

MoboMy – MySocket


My Socket – WiFi Controlled Smart socket that can be used to Power ON/OF any connected device from Smartphone application from MoboMy.

* Forgot to turn off appliances – You can use Smartphone to turn OFF/ON appliances
* Control water heater – You can turn ON water heater on your way Home
* Health Smart Water Dispenser – You can set the timer to turn OFF water dispenser based on the time required to heat water
* Double protection & safety – LAN Device password + Remote account verification
* Timing control – Multiple sets of timing, plan your life, Save power & energy bills

Price Range:

IN: Rs. 3,499.00

US: $42.99

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