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Chandramouli Srinivasan

I am Happy to announce that MoboDexter Inc. has signed a partnership agreement with JAR Technologies, U.K. to sell their Cloud Based Loading Testing solution called JAR:Load. As part of this agreement, MoboDexter has secured an exclusive pricing deal that can be leveraged by any prospect who wants to purchase JAR: Load through MoboDexter. I want to talk about the reason why I felt this is a compelling tool in the market in comparison to its competitor products.

JAR:Load – Stand Out Features

    • JAR: Load is the only enterprise load testing product, delivered from the cloud, that uses real web browsers to simulate load. If you run ANY type of JavaScript (jQuery, GWT, AngularJS, Ember, etc.) on your web-site then you can’t rely on “other” load testers who just record HTTP transactions – they will miss all your dynamic AJAX operations!

  • JAR: Load provides you with the tools to fully understand your load and functional testing. In addition to all the tools you would expect you can compare any metric from any previous test, calculate trends and provide reports.
  • JAR: Load can be deployed for multiple Geo-locations at the same time, allowing load to be geographically distributed. We also fully support load generation from behind the firewall, just install our virtual machine images.
  • We have employed our WAN emulation technology to allow you to simulate users on mobile (3G, 4G), home and office connections. Easily split your load into groups, and assign percentages to each test.
  • In addition to getting the results you need, we allow you to compare any metric from a previous runs to understand how your changes or improvements have improved the user experience.

One Tool to Test Them All

  • Load Test: Simulate an almost unlimited amount of load with real browsers (giving true load through the execution of your target’s JavaScript and AJAX).
  • Functional Test: Ensure your web site actually works, not just the back-end. Check for breakages in the UI, ensure JavaScript features work and guarantee in-depth operation.
  • Up-Time: With 24/7 monitoring JAR:Load will both test that your web system is up and running but critically that it is functionally working too.
  • Back-End Stress: Simulate back-end loading through HTTP stress and response testing, with extensive server-side monitoring.
  • Response Time: Instantly understand responsiveness of your website and track it over time.
    Analysis: Extensive analysis through charts, graphs, comparisons, transaction and deep dive virtual user information.

Key Benefits

  • Realistic Testing, Realistic Results

    • Simulate real user scenarios with easy to use Lua scripting.
    • Choose from multiple data centers worldwide to simulate best in class Geo-locations, or combine with the integration of WAN emulation technology, to accurately model true user behavior from different parts of the world.
    • Use metric and historic test comparison analyse results instantly to make recommendations and implement key changes for rapid development.
    • Run multiple scenarios in parallel, different users will use your website in a different way.
    • Mix multiple load generator types to test your website functionality from the user perspective whilst heavily loading your service to make sure nothing buckles under the pressure.
    • Monitor your servers via New Relic and view the monitoring information alongside test results to quickly pinpoint trouble areas in your deployment.
  • Cost Effective Testing, Maximum R.O.I

    • JAR: Load offers an on demand purchasing option pay only for the number of virtual users you require.
    • Cloud based application therefore eliminating any dedicated hardware costs.
    • Immediate user adoption the intuitive user interface means less time and money is spent on training and getting.
  • No Installation, Saving Time

    • Easy and quick to set up simply login, get ready, and go!
    • Eliminate costs associated with complex installation and configuration processes.
    • No plugins or downloads necessary begin your load testing immediately.
    • Accessible from any device providing you with maximum flexibility to schedule, run and analyse your testing scenarios from anywhere at anytime with JAR:Load.
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