Is Internet of Things (IOT) really mean Things


Kavitha Gopalan

Read this article which gives a true perspective of the problem facing IOT.  The actual problem is not in enabling devices with internet or letting device connect to reach other. In authors own words “The point actually is creating a structure for gathering and processing data from all those devices, giving access to them to developers and building meaningful services that provide real value to the users on top of that structure”

IOTKey Takeaways:

– It is really about who the data from billions of these devices are collected, managed and handled in a secure way.

– IOT is happening now and it is not future and it is already the next technology disruption     after smartphone. Every large technology company is doing it.

– However the real challenge is in developing industry standards, building growing ecosystems and figuring out how to provide security for the users.

– Security is the most neglected part of this technology disruption.

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