IRC LOGGER is designed to ease the efforts of logging the time volunteered towards International Rescue Committee work. The app allows user to log the time sheets of the work and automatically mail them to user’s IRC supervisor based on the configuration settings in the app. It allows helps to record repeated work easily with configuration settings.

IRC logger

– User can select your task, start time, end time,details or just insert hours worked to save the time sheet in the app.
– User can easily create a report with all time registrations from the selected period.
– User can send the time sheet to their supervisor through email.
– Entire app can be password protected and the password is stored on the device itself.
– Email configuration on password setup is used to send password if user forgets the password.
– You can also login with Facebook. Facebook login is for login purpose only and not posting any content of the app to Facebook page.
– Multilingual support for English, French, German, Italian & Spanish and app lets the user to select language at login.
– Internet Connection is required for sending mail and Facebook login. All other functionality is support in offline mode without any internet connection.


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