IoT and M2M driving force and concerns


Srinidhi Murthy

Enterprises will drive IoT, M2M use – Research

Research Firm 451 Research has published its findings on IoT, M2M adoption and will be driven by enterprises. This is due to the decrease in pricing of Hardware and overall Bandwidth. Middle ware and Data Platforms based out of Cloud will allow for much easier and faster to gain access to previously unheard of amounts of Data and what can be done with it.

This research also points out that all these factors have lead enterprises of all sizes to adopt this model and this in turn drives the IoT and M2M use. In terms of wearables, the Research has found that 39 percent of IT decision makers in the U.S. who use or plan to use wearables will launch solutions in the next six months. The introduction of the Apple watch has started the wearable revelation and every company now wants to have a similar products and enterprises and end users alike are open to the idea of wearables. Its also points out that wearables might add in a key interface to Industrial IoT and its adoption.

Security and Network Management are the biggest concerns for IOT / M2M
Most of the home automation products seem to be vulnerable to security. Recently many home automation products like Hubs and cameras have been hacked, allowing hackers to control or capture images and videos.
Network Management is another big concern. With so many products and so many IP addresses being added to a network, network management which seemed to a mundane task has suddenly come to the limelight. New ideas are being discusses to manage the same.
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