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You have seen the trends and you might have had the opportunity to attend conferences hailing the undeniable influence of IoT everywhere. However, if you were zoned out, the IDC’s study that predicts internet of things spending will reach 1 trillion by 2022 shall awaken you to more IoT around. In 2019, the arguments have moved on from ‘whether or not IoT’ to ‘what’s more with IoT’ while a swathe of small and big organizations have taken a plunge to more sophisticated connected systems. Fast-forwarding to 2025, managing 60 billion connected devices will require an unimaginable count of IoT professionals while innovations like these have up-scaled the levels on the innovation scale. There’s going to be more IoT than anything else.

Promising IoT startups are up to watch out.


Localized data intelligence with edge computing

Around 10% of enterprise-generated data is created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud, By 2025, Gartner predicts this figure will reach 75%. Having emerged as a pioneering IoT services provider, Mobodexter is empowering businesses to make absolute use of this data by storing it locally and cut down on overhead costs. Whatever could be centralized has been centralized and enterprises have started exploring superior alternatives to control network outage and system downtimes.

Unlike pushing all the data to centralized storage (cloud), Mobodexter’s edge computing solutions to analyze the sensor data closer to the devices that produce them. Mouli Srini, CEO believes – We are one the pioneers in Edge computing. Our Edge computing innovations are aimed at helping our clients to build IoT solutions that are efficient in data analysis, provide a faster response with lower maintenance costs. Our clients also enjoy the flexibility to run our Edge software on any hardware or cloud platform of their choice. Mobodexter builds comprehensive IoT Edge systems for enterprise applications. It has a range of Edge software components that allow devices to connect and process data at the Edge. Mobodexter’s Edge software is hardware-independent as they operate within a docker environment that provides higher scalability.

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