-Have you been shopping with your credit card and don’t know the balance left on your card to use?
-Have you ever felt you have to scramble through the messages to find the status of your several credit cards???
-Have you ever wondered how much was the balance left on your Credit card while shopping?
-Have you wondered how the spending on credit card looked like over the last year like a quick summary without -logging into your bank Account?
All these and more is possible with the new app from Mobodexter “ INCREDITBAL”. The app provides a snapshot of the status of the Credit card on your mobile without logging into the banking website.INCREDITBAL helps to manage one’s credit card balances based on credit card transaction SMSs sent by the bank that is already stored or newly received on your Android phone.
The prerequisite for this application to work is to retain the credit card transaction SMSs on your phone for each transaction sent by the banks. The builds the data automatically on installation by reading your credit card SMS on your phone. The user can securely log into the app to get a custom report of the credit cards. The app provides a customized report of the user’s various credit cards and can generate Pie Chart, Bar Chat. The app also allows sharing of the app in Social media.
Here is the look at the various configuration option provided by the app.

1) LOGIN: Authentication module is used to password protect the application and all the data is stored in the phone itself. This contains an option to retrieve password using forget password option to the configured email used during registration.

2) CONFIGURE: User will be allowed to set the credit card limit using the Configure module.

3) REPORT: Standard report option is used generate reports for each credit card in a table format.

4) PIE CHART: This module is used to generate reports for each credit card in Pie chart form and presents the data from another perspective.

5) BAR CHAT: This module is used to generate reports for each credit card in a month-wise format for all credit and debit transactions.

6) SHARE: This module is used to share the application in social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and in the mail as well. This option would be shown based on installed social media & email application already installed on the phone. This option is useful to share the application with your friend & family. However, this will share only the Google Play link to download the application for your friends/family and not the financial data inside the application.

7) ENTER DATA: This option has been provided to input any debit or credit transaction for which you did not receive an SMS from your bank. e.g. If a particular online transaction was done and your bank did not receive the SMS, that entry can be manually entered for reconciliation and accuracy of data.

8) EXPORT/IMPORT: Report module also supports import and export data to & from the application. An export option allows the user to choose the data for import and send the imported as an email to the user. User can download this exported data on another phone and then export it to the application. This feature is useful to transfer data when the user switches from one Android phone to another Android phone. This feature can also be used to periodically backup data periodically.

Other Key features:
Has multi-lingual support for English, French, German, Italian & Spanish based on language settings on the phone as well as logon option to choose the language at login.

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