Facebook for everything from now. Sounds Interesting!!


Chandramouli Srinivasan

Facebook has evolved tremendously every year though they start as social networking platform. We see many apps already allow users to login using Facebook authentication. This means Facebook already provides APIs for application to leverage their authentication framework.

Here are the some key updates from the Facebook’s F8 conference:
– Facebook Messenger was the star of today’s keynote, with the biggest news being the addition of apps to the Messenger platform. Messenger is becoming a platform to integrate 3rd Party apps into the platform.
– Messenger will allow you to access a certain app directly within Messenger and add content from it.

facebook for everything
– Facebook also is looking to make Messenger a tool for businesses, particularly online commerce.
-Facebook is also aiming to use Messenger to reinvent communication with businesses. The idea is that people hate touch-tone phone tree customer service calls. Endless email threads are annoying too. People would rather just text asynchronously in a single chat thread.
-People have started to post more photos and video and are now watching more than 3 billion videos a day in Facebook’s News Feed. That number is only going to get larger. Hence Starting today, Facebook is going to allow videos uploaded to the service to be embedded in other websites as well.

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