Date2DATE – Dating Tracker

Whom did you date last month? Where did you go?

How was your experience on each of you date?

Who is your best date? Which is the place you like to date more?

Whom are the partners you date more?

Puzzled finding answers?

Need something to store your lovely memories and also save you from a fight with your partner. So here is our app solution for Android and iOS devices called Date2DATE where you can easily manage all your dates, log your experience and rate your date. Check how long you have been with your date at a glance, celebrate your memories and share it with them, make a record of all your dates in one place and according to your satisfactory level it will show you your best date. All the data is stored on the device only and you can choose to share in social media if you want. The app does take or store your personal data outside the device.


Date2Date App Features:

·Managing your dates–Manage all your dates and satisfaction levels for same.

·Login- To secure the app from other users of the device, it has a login associated with it so no one else can see your personal data, as well as it has social Facebook login.

·Multi-Lingual support-It has multiple language support including English, Spanish, Italian, and French & German, based on the settings at the time of log-in it will change language of application.

·Sharing – You can share your date experience with your date. You can share your feelings with your partner or with the social group.

·Adding DATE & Repeating DATE – Date form is very simple you just have to tell your date name place and your satisfaction level to add a date, also without need to worry about filling form again one can easily update repeat date with repeat option.

·Edit or Delete Date–One can easily delete or edit their date details any time.

·Internet is not a barrier between Date2DATE and User–Worried about internet, for Date2DATE you don’t have to worry about your internet connection, you can use this anywhere, any time as all data is stored only on the device.


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