CES 2015 – Wearables Products


Kavitha Gopalan

Wearables is another trend that we have been seeing lately. By Definition Wearables are tiny computer devices that can be worn on the body or cloths. All big companies have announced one or more products in the wearable segment like Google Glass, Apples I watch , Intel’s Bracelet and many more. CES this year also saw a bunch of wearable devices. The main categories they were fitting in were in watches Fitness trackers, Medical devices, health sensors some of the key ones listed here

The Dash

This product from Bragi is a pair of ear buds that connect wirelessly to the phone as well as to each other. This device has on board storage to play your music and has good battery life. This also has sensors like accelerometer, heart rate monitor and Oxygen Saturation sensor.


Smart Watch

In CES several vendors showcased their smart watches that has built in sensors for fitness tracking and Bluetooth for connectivity

Gramin ‘s Vivoactive:

Gramin released series of Smart watches and one of them was Vivoactive with GPS for athletes. The Vivoactive builds on the Vivo fit sports band, offering users some lifestyle tracking functions, but it adds built-in GPS and connects to your smartphone for notifications. It works with Android and iOS. It keeps a track on running, cycling, winning and golf, as well as steps, sleep and workouts, while also keep an eye on calls, messages, emails and calendar notifications.

fenix watch


Withings Activite Pop:

This looks like a normal wristwatch but with a fitness tracker in it . It has a built in sensor to monitor the activity level and it has Bluetooth to sync this information to the other connected devices like phone or computer. It also does sleep tracking. It measures three levels of sleep deep, light and awake


Misfit Swarovski Shine

Misfits Swarovski shine is not just normal crystal Jewellery but a fitness tracker too. The focus of this design is puts emphasis on two factors Style and battery life. Misfit has patented technology which they have used in the Violet blue version of the Swarovski shine that harvests energy from sunlight so it eliminates the need for a charger.

Wearables Products


Montblanc e-Strap

The Montblanc e-Strap screen sits on the underside of the wrist where the clasp would normally be. The e-Strap will track the wearer’s daily activity and it offers a screen and vibration for phone notifications via Bluetooth 4.0, including calls, messages, calendars, social media, reminders, plus you can use it to control the phone’s music player or camera.



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