CES 2015- Internet of Things (IOT) – Top3 Interesting products in Home Automation

Chandramouli Srinivasan, CEO & President at Mobodexer, Inc

The Global CES event concluded in Las Vegas on 9th January 2015. Lots of Innovative products were showcased in categories like Automobile, home automation, connected devices , health care solutions and others.

There are two major future technology trends after the smartphone –
Internet of Things (IOT) & Advanced Driver Assistance (ADAS).

Most wearables like smart watch or Glass are connected to internet and hence they would also fall under the category of IOT. That trend is “The rise of the IoT.” The Internet of Things continues to be the vaguest and B2B-sounding product category I’ve yet encountered in tech. It gets clearer when you see what the gadgets actually are: doors that lock themselves,
thermostats that program themselves, cameras that monitor your home for intruders, and more. But IoT isn’t about the gadgets, it’s about the way they talk to each other.
ADAS is also a variant of IOT but cars being driven much more intelligently with the support of internet connected technology before we head into the technology of driverless cars that Google is piloting in US.

We finally know what comes after the smartphone

Some of the interesting Home Automation devices showcased in CES

HomeKit from iDevices: This is a Switch, looks simple enough—it’s a little box that you plug into an outlet, and then plug another thing in. Switch contains both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE, so it connects with your iPhone effortlessly—you can even ask Siri to look for HomeKit devices in your vicinity. Then iOS 8 handles adding the HomeKit device to the same home Wi-Fi network your phone uses already.
Meet Switch, the first HomeKit product from iDevices

Misfit’s “Bolt” bulb: This is a $50 smart bulb that works with sleep monitoring device. It is wirelessly-connected, color-changing light bulb. The bulb, competes to some extent with Philips Hue’s smart bulbs, as it supports multiple colors into addition to white light.
The Bolt supports the ability to create “millions of color combinations,” and the ability to create colors in the blub based on preset configuration. The bulb will illuminate when the user is in their lightest stage of sleep. Bolt bulbs are controlled from a new app called Misfit Home, to be released on iOS and Android.
Misfit Debuts “Bolt,” A $50 Smart Bulb That Works With Sleep Monitoring Devices

Peeple, Peeple is a smart peephole to screen who is knocking on your door. Whenever someone knocks on your door, Peeple snaps a picture and send it to your phone. It’s a small box that you attach to your door right in front of your existing peephole. It has a camera, an accelerator, a battery and a Wi-Fi chipset. When someone knocks, the device wakes up, takes a picture and reconnects to your Wi-Fi network.
top3 interesting products

Peeple Is A Smart Peephole To Upgrade Your Door With Caller ID

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