CES 2015- Internet of Things (IOT) – Interesting Products in Home Automation Part 2

Author: Chandramouli Srinivasan, CEO & President

Continuing the Previous blog post on CES coverage here is the next list of Home Automation products that caught our attention from CES.

Belkin enhances its WeMo Portfolio
Belkin that owns the WeMo Brand of connected devices launch a bunch of connected-home products at CES 2015

* WeMo Water with Echo Technology is the most interesting item in the new collection. Attach it to any one water pipe in your home, and it monitors pressure changes and vibrations that occur throughout the plumbing and sends this data to an app on your phone.
* WeMo Door/window sensors are a better solution, because the simple act of opening a door can trigger numerous lights to come on.

* WeMo Keychain Sensor generates alerts when the person carrying the keyfob leaves and returns home.
* WeMo Alarm Sensor listens to the noises in your home and generates an alert when it hears your burglar, smoke, carbon-monoxide, or glass-break detector sound off.
* WeMo Room Motion Sensor is a battery-operated infrared model that detects heat signatures. This should render it much less susceptible to being triggered by pets inside the home, and it has much better range: 30 feet with a 90-degree field of view.
* WeMo Wi-Fi-to-ZigBee Bridge is a Wi-Fi-to-ZigBee Bridge that can relay messages from its sensors to your Wi-Fi router as Belkin has turned to ZigBee chipsets for its various new sensors.
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IC Real Tech’s 720-degree Allie camera

* The new Allie camera from IC Real Techcan turn two 360-degree camera feeds into an “all-D” image that lets you look in any direction you want.
*You can control the perspective in recorded videos, or even stream live footage.
* They all come with 8X zoom and pan abilities, connect to your Wi-Fi or cable network, and can be watched online or from a mobile device.
* Gyroscopic control on mobile lets you move your device around to control the angle, in addition to the option to swipe for navigation.
* They capture up to two hours of footage in an internal SD card, but can record to the cloud for much longer time periods.
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