Apathy of the Smart Home IOT devices


Chandramouli Srinivasan

I read couple of these recent articles in Gizmodo on the challenges and issues being faced with a couple of smart home IOT devices/solution. I have earlier written about the launch and feature of these devices in CES 2015 launches.

The Smart Homes solution is dumb:

In this case, the reviewer has installed $1200 smart home solution comprising of a bunch of components from bulbs, hub and shades of Wink standard from various vendors. The excitement of smart home turns into a nightmare as the devices aren’t working out of box as advertised, setup is complex and the solution turns out to not worth the cost. It takes lot of efforts to get all of them working as an integrated solution.

       Major Issues reported in this article

  •  One needs call Wink Support for help every step of the way. Some device worked but only after hours on time    on the phone.
  •  All devices especially the bulbs have connectivity issues with Wink hub.
  •  Shades work well after lot of efforts. However extremely costly component of the solution.
  •  The cost of the solution is extremely high. It seems not worth for the effort required.

Detailed review can be seen here – http://gizmodo.com/why-is-my-smart-home-so-fucking-dumb-1684949715

smart home Gizmodo-mobodexter
Photo Credit : Gizmodo

August Smart Lock:

In case you’re not familiar, the August Smart Lock is a $250 cylinder you install on the inside of your door. This is was launched in CES 2015. You don’t actually need to remove your lock, because it only replaces your deadbolt thumb turn. It’s super easy, even fun to install, and takes practically no time at all. Then you’ve got a Bluetooth-connected, motorized deadbolt that can remotely lock and unlock the door when you press a button on your phone.

       Major Issues reported in this article

  • Bluetooth gets out of range from certain parts of the house and outside the house. Hence the phone app used to lock and unlock the door doesn’t work.
  • August Smart Lock only controls your deadbolt. Not any other lock you’ve got on your door. So if you live in a household which is paranoid enough to also lock your doorknob, you’re done.
  • Despite August’s earlier promises, the Android version of the app doesn’t yet support the auto-unlock feature. I wouldn’t be able to just walk up to the door and turn the knob.
  • The lock doesn’t lock always due to alignment issues in the lock. This is most scary thing as the very purpose of lock is broken here.
 smart home Gizmodo-mobodexteriot
Photo Credit : Gizmodo

Detailed review can be seen here – http://gizmodo.com/august-smart-lock-and-connect-review-ill-use-keys-tha-1685319060

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