PAASMER Edge Software Suit Free Trial

PAASMER Edge Software is an IoT edge solution that allows developers to connect IoT devices to the PAASMER cloud platform for data visualization and IoT management. This allows for a quick start approach to IoT development. It offers value added features like Edge Analytics and Machine Learning at Edge

PAASMER allows customers to use the PAASMER Edge and PAASMER Cloud solutions for free with a 15 days free Trial license, that can be availed to evaluate the PAASMER Edge including Edge Analytics and Machine learning features and PAASMER cloud features including device/feed management and configurable data visualization.

Here we provide step by step instructions on how to avail PAASMER Edge Free Trial license.

Step 1 – Register at PAASMER

Go to

Register by submitting the following Signup form


Procced with the Email verification and complete the Registration

Step 2 – Add a Device shadow in PAASMER platform web application

Logon to PAASMER and go to Docker Devices and select Add Dockerdevice


This will let you create a device shadow. Enter the device name you wish to provide for the IoT device you will be connecting to this device shadow

Step 3 – Select Free License


You can see two license options for every device you add. Choose Free license for the Trial purpose and Complete the Device creation.

Step 4 – Download PAASMER Edge and Install it on your IoT Device

Go to PAASMER GitHUB link

Open Readme file and follow the instructions to install PAASMER Edge on your IoT device.

Step 5 – Your Device is ready with PAASMER Edge for your Trial now

Once the installation and configuration are completed on the Device with PAASMER Edge, a connection will be established between your physical device and the device shadow you have created on the PAASMER platform.

Go to PAASMER Platform Web application to view your device showing online.

Step 6 – Follow How to do Videos on PAASMER YouTube channel

You can follow other How to do videos in PAASMER YouTube channel to configure and connect sensors and actuators, how to use other Edge and Cloud features for your Trial purpose.

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JAR:Load – Cloud Based Web Load Testing Software


Chandramouli Srinivasan

I am Happy to announce that MoboDexter Inc. has signed a partnership agreement with JAR Technologies, U.K. to sell their Cloud Based Loading Testing solution called JAR:Load. As part of this agreement, MoboDexter has secured an exclusive pricing deal that can be leveraged by any prospect who wants to purchase JAR: Load through MoboDexter. I want to talk about the reason why I felt this is a compelling tool in the market in comparison to its competitor products.

JAR:Load – Stand Out Features

  • JAR: Load is the only enterprise load testing product, delivered from the cloud, that uses real web browsers to simulate load. If you run ANY type of JavaScript (jQuery, GWT, AngularJS, Ember, etc.) on your web-site then you can’t rely on “other” load testers who just record HTTP transactions – they will miss all your dynamic AJAX operations!
  • (more…)

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Make your Home as Smart and secure Home with this Smart Home gadgets

Make your Home as Smart and secure Home with this Smart Home gadgets


Kavitha Gopalan


Its a one Brand for SmartHome IoT products for customers in all over USA and India. MoboMy emerges as a brand to get SmartHome products in every household. MoboMy stands on Delivering the secure smart home.

One can build a smarthome solution with a combination of our products. Install the door bell at the entrance door then install our LED bulbs – MyBulb in all bulb holders at home then connect all home appliances to MySocket. You can now start controlling everything from a Smartphone from Entry to Power in your house.
We will shortly launch Secure Smart Home Gateway. This will give you ability to secure all end points & provide AI based automated control of all end points connected to the gateway.


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power IOT

Facebook for everything from now. Sounds Interesting!!


Chandramouli Srinivasan

Facebook has evolved tremendously every year though they start as social networking platform. We see many apps already allow users to login using Facebook authentication. This means Facebook already provides APIs for application to leverage their authentication framework.

Here are the some key updates from the Facebook’s F8 conference:
– Facebook Messenger was the star of today’s keynote, with the biggest news being the addition of apps to the Messenger platform. Messenger is becoming a platform to integrate 3rd Party apps into the platform. (more…)

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IRC logger


IRC LOGGER is designed to ease the efforts of logging the time volunteered towards International Rescue Committee work. The app allows user to log the time sheets of the work and automatically mail them to user’s IRC supervisor based on the configuration settings in the app. It allows helps to record repeated work easily with configuration settings. (more…)

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