Mobodexter Shop Referral Program

Mobodexter Shop Referral Program


Mobodexter offers a referral program on the mobodexter shop. You can share your referral code with your friends and you can earn 10% upto $570 for each successful referral purchase and your friends will get 25% discount on each purchase using your referral code on the Mobodexter shop.


You must have Paypal email id to redeem your referral cash rewards. Make sure you signup with Paypal if you don’t have a Paypal account yet before signing up with referral program


Signup with Referral Program


Go to


You can see a Get rewarded popup at the bottom of the page as shown below


Clicking the Get rewarded on the pop-up or clicking on “Reward Points” menu item or going to directly takes you to the Referral program signup form.


Enter your email id and name(optional) and click Start sharing. You can see your referral link as follows


Share your referral link


You can copy the referral link by clicking on the link and share it with your friends. You can also use the social media links given below your referral link as shown above to share in Facebook, whatsapp, Messenger and Twitter


Activate your Account


Once you sign up with the referral program you will receive an email to the email id given for the referral program. Please check your Junk or Spam folders also for the email from Mobodexter shop referralcandy


The content of the email will be as shown below


Click “Get Invite Link” it will take you to the following page


Click on “Your rewards”, it will take you to the following page to setup your account


Enter the preferred password and click on “set password”. You can see “Send verification email” as shown below


Click on the same to get an verification email.

Click verification link in the email you receive. It will take you to the Login page as shown below


Enter the credentials to access your account. You can update your referral link in settings and see your referrals and rewards.


Paypal Account


Go to Settings

Enter Paypal account email id as shown below


Access your account


Follow the steps below to access your account anytime after it is created.


Go to

Enter your email id

Click “Get your Invite Link”

It will take you to your referral page

Click “Your rewards” at the right bottom of the page

It will take you to your login page, enter your password to view your referrals and rewards


Referral Discount


Mobodexter offers 25% discount on each purchase with a valid referral code

Enter the referral code in the box given for promo code during checkout

The shop will take 24 hrs to recognize and approve a referral code after it is alloted to an advocate. If an advocate sign up with the referral program and share the link to his friends and if one of his friends wants to make a purchase using the referral code shared, he/she may need to wait for maximum 24 hrs to apply the referral code to avail 25% discount

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power IOT

Facebook for everything from now. Sounds Interesting!!


Chandramouli Srinivasan

Facebook has evolved tremendously every year though they start as social networking platform. We see many apps already allow users to login using Facebook authentication. This means Facebook already provides APIs for application to leverage their authentication framework.

Here are the some key updates from the Facebook’s F8 conference:
– Facebook Messenger was the star of today’s keynote, with the biggest news being the addition of apps to the Messenger platform. Messenger is becoming a platform to integrate 3rd Party apps into the platform. (more…)

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IRC logger


IRC LOGGER is designed to ease the efforts of logging the time volunteered towards International Rescue Committee work. The app allows user to log the time sheets of the work and automatically mail them to user’s IRC supervisor based on the configuration settings in the app. It allows helps to record repeated work easily with configuration settings. (more…)

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SXFXN – Have You Heard Of “Fifty Shades of Grey” ??

SxFxN is the best app to record and explore the users sexual passion as explored in the movie “50 Shades of Grey”. This app will help to track & explore the details of all types of sexual passion of the user from choice of partners to type, place, date, day. This app has been designed based on the research paper published on the parameters influencing sexual passion in humans. Hence the app is designed to be neutral to user’s gender and neutral to partner’s gender as well.

App will provide an easy interface for user to enter the details of user’s sexual activities under 3 categories like sex, masturbation, and others. Under each category, the user can store the details of sexual act like with whom, where, type of actions/position, domination and your feeling providing rating for each category. (more…)

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Date2DATE – Dating Tracker

Whom did you date last month? Where did you go?

How was your experience on each of you date?

Who is your best date? Which is the place you like to date more?

Whom are the partners you date more?

Puzzled finding answers?

Need something to store your lovely memories and also save you from a fight with your partner. So here is our app solution for Android and iOS devices called Date2DATE where you can easily manage all your dates, log your experience and rate your date. Check how long you have been with your date at a glance, celebrate your memories and share it with them, make a record of all your dates in one place and according to your satisfactory level it will show you your best date. All the data is stored on the device only and you can choose to share in social media if you want. The app does take or store your personal data outside the device. (more…)

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