PAASMER Edge Software Releases Version 2.1

New Updates Include: Machine Learning Developer Kit, Easier Device Management and New Ways to Configure Your Data

Paasmer has been consistently upgrading their software stack over the past couple of years based on feedback from their IoT developers and clients. Last year, Paasmer extended its reach and support beyond IoT into drone, robotics, and smart city applications. Earlier this year Paasmer made major updates to the  Edge Analytics; Edge Machine Learning & Edge Artificial Intelligence software packages with the Paasmer 2.0 release.

Today, Paasmer 2.1 launched with an upgraded Machine Learning Developer Kit and enhanced Paasmer Cloud GUI. THese new enhancements make it easier for developers to build machine-learning applications on the Edge. Typically,  historical data sets and related parameters are used to train machine-learning applications; however, the new trained module will be deployed on the device itself which allows for continuous training and improved accuracy.

Data visualization has also been updated in Paasmer Cloud GUI the new update allows developers to choose a different data configuration and presentation for each feed. The following presentation types have been added with the Paasmer 2.1  release: line chart, bar chart, circular gauge, vertical gauge, button and slider bar button.

The biggest enhancement made to last years Paasmer 2.0 version was the addition of dockerized architecture on their Edge Software. To accompany the dockerized architecture, Paasmer 2.1 features a new section in the left side panel of the Cloud GUI called, “Docker Device”. This new section makes it easier for developers to replace a broken or malfunctioning device without having to buy a new license for faster prototyping and more tests on multiple devices at a time.

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Best B2B Companies 2018: Top Business Experts

Winners of CreditDonkey Best B2B Companies Award have been announced. These B2B companies know what your business needs to grow and run smoothly.


Mobodexter is making the Internet of Things easier for businesses to take advantage of.

Why Mobodexter is a Top B2B Innovator: IoT is the future for many businesses, and Mobodexter’s technology is working to help process the data from these devices and take advantage of it in a timely manner. They’re also taking advantage of blockchain and drone technologies to further enhance business outcomes for their clients.

As a small business owner, there’s only so much you can do alone. This is when the services of a business-to-business (B2B) company will be invaluable. A B2B sells services or products to another company. These B2B companies know the struggles that businesses face and their needs. They offer solutions to streamline processes, do things more efficiently, and help your business grow.

At CreditDonkey, we help small business owners make smart financial decisions. Oftentimes, it’s necessary to invest in professional services to further your business. We’ve come up with a list of the very best B2B services for small business owners. Read More

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Smart cities

Smart Cities – Urbanization through IOT


Kavitha Gopalan

Internet of things adoption is expanding at phenomenal phase. The concept of IOT is to embed sensors and transceivers into different devices which can then transmits data to each other and to cloud through Internet, building analytics to comprehend this data and use this understanding to find solution for everyday issues. New domains for IOT are being explored and one such is to use IOT in urbanization of cities. In the context has evolved the term Smart Cities. There are already cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stockholm, New York  which has implemented several aspects of Smart Cities and nations like Singapore and India are moving in that direction. It is expected by 2025 there will be 26 global smart cities. So what is a smart city? (more…)

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Dream of Connected World

IoT: Chasing the Dream of Connected World


Kavitha Gopalan

Internet of things or IOT is moving from buzzword to a reality. It is finding its niche in sectors like home automation, health care, automobile and in various industrial sectors. Based on various surveys its expected that the connected devices market could grow from 14 billion devices today to the range of 50-100 billion connected devices by 2020. This would be a massive growth. There is no doubt that billions of connected devices will redefine the way we live our lives through the concept of connected homes, connected vehicles to connect cities. There are some challenges in IOT that has to be addressed for faster adoption and to make this dream a reality.


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niche technology

MOBODEXTER – Awarded “20 Most Promising Companies In Cyber Security” By CIOReview Magazine

“Our products are not looking to provide a single dimensional security, rather focuses on multi-layered approach from chip to application – from devices to cloud; the aim is to provide additional security to the existing infrastructure by building the complete security stack by combining hardware and software”, explains Chandramouli Srinivasan(Mouli), CEO & President of MoboDexter.


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